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COG Spreadsheet

COG Spreadsheet

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Unlock the secret to smarter spending with our Photographer's Cost of Goods Spreadsheet.

Passion may fuel your photography, but understanding your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is what turns your hobby into a viable business. This is how you know what your profit is with every shoot, no matter what products you sell.
Nail your numbers so you can make informed decisions on pricing and expenses with this easy-to-use spreadsheet.

✅ A detailed spreadsheet designed for photographers, focusing on the crucial area of Cost of Goods Sold. Know what each product or service is really costing you, so you can price for profit.
✅ Plug in your numbers, and let the spreadsheet do the calculations. Understand your material costs, labor, and overhead for each offering.
✅ A tool that breaks down your costs by project, helping you see exactly where your money goes.
✅ Leverage this data to set prices that enable sustainable growth and profitability.
✅ The planner is compatible with Google Sheets, and you can export it to Excel or Numbers as you like.


NOTE: This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

PLEASE NOTE: this and all templates, guides, trainings etc are designed for you to use in your business. You may not use anything you purchase from WhoaBella to resell

>>>>This spreadsheet is included in Behind the Boudoir

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