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The Complete Guide to In-Person Sales (IPS)

The Complete Guide to In-Person Sales (IPS)

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Unlock the secrets to effortless, high-converting in-person sales sessions without the sleaze. No more pushy tactics, just real conversations that lead to real results.

Moving to IPS will grow your profits, and contribute to the luxury experience your clients have with you, which will set you apart from all the other shoot-and-burn photographers in your area

🔒 Unlock Your Sales Potential Without Selling Your Soul

You’re an incredible photographer, but if the thought of selling your work in person makes you cringe, you're not alone. And it may seem easier to send your clients an online gallery to choose from on their own. But helping your clients choose is a very important part of the client experience, and starting now, you wont avoid it anymore.

This is a no-BS (and no fluff) guide to master the art of in-person sales, exclusively for portrait photographers

🗨️ Step-by-step

How to structure your sales session from pre-shoot to the closing hug.

📈 Boost Your Revenue Without Feeling Pushy

Learn how to read the room, tailor your approach, and guide your clients to higher-value packages without manipulating or pressuring them. Your clients will feel empowered, and you’ll watch your average sale per client skyrocket.

👨‍🏫 Learn from a Pro with a Banking Background

With a unique blend of photography expertise and a corporate banking background, this guide provides insights you won't find anywhere else. 


 For all portrait photographers who want to make higher sales

✅ Photographers who are uncomfortable with traditional sales techniques.

✅ Studio owners looking to train their staff in a sales methodology that works

🌟 Bonus: 

How to tweak an IPS session for boudoir & sensitive subjects

Did you know? This guide is included in Behind the Boudoir, the full business course for boudoir & portrait photographers

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PLEASE NOTE: this and all templates, guides, trainings etc are designed for you to use in your business. You may not use anything you purchase from WhoaBella to resell

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