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The Price List Makeover

The Price List Makeover

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🔥 The Price List Makeover: Your Shortcut to Skyrocketing Sales 🔥

Are you tired of low sales and hearing that your prices are "too high"?

Trust me, I get it. But what if I told you there's a way to not just raise your prices but do it with confidence? 

QUICK WIN:  You will create a new price list that you can start using right away with this mini-workshop using strategies I use to this day to make $5k+ per client

What's In It For You?

  1. Major Mindset Shift: Learn the psychology behind profitable pricing. It's time to ditch the self-doubt and start charging what you're worth. Don't worry- it's not too "woo-woo", just real tangible strategies to help you understand your money blocks and how to bust through them.

  2. Simple, 3-Page Price List: No more confusing packages. We'll show you how to create a straightforward price list that makes it easy for clients to spend more with you.

  3. Effective Booking Strategy: Say goodbye to no-shows and cancellations. This simple strategy will make it a breeze for clients to commit, and get you paid BEFORE you even pick up your camera!.

  4. Achieve Your Goals: We'll help you set realistic money goals and show you the most effective way to reach them.

Sneak Peek into the Workshop

  • Find out if you need to raise your prices and by how much. Spoiler: you do, and you probably need to raise them a LOT.
  • How to find your ideal client who won't blink at your prices.
  • Determine your money goals and how they should influence your pricing. Hint: Your prices will be different than others. It's based on YOU.
  • What to do when people say no to your prices.
  • A simple framework to build your price list that can actually make you more money.

Is this workshop for you?

If you're in the portrait or boudoir business, and you are not making the kind of money you think you should be. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, this workshop is for you. By the end of this training, you'll walk away with a brand-new, custom-made, PROFITABLE price list that you can start using RIGHT AWAY.

✅ No time for another course filled with fluff?  This Quick-win workshop is less than 45 minutes long.  Oh also- I don't do "fluff". Your time won't be wasted. You will have a new price list, and a new mindset (check out the bonus!) by the time you're done.  


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PLEASE NOTE: this and all templates, guides, trainings etc are designed for you to use in your business. You may not use anything you purchase from WhoaBella to resell

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